Services for Veterans

Over 25% of Willamette Vital Health patients are veterans. For many veterans, deep-rooted memories of combat or other military experiences may manifest in different ways and are often recounted near the end of life. Our specially trained and knowledgeable staff work with veterans and their families to identify issues that may impact their quality of life and assist to access veteran’s benefits. Our goal is to bring peace, dignity, and comfort to veteran hospice patients.

Recognition Ceremonies

Willamette Vital Health staff and volunteers sincerely appreciate the service of our veterans and relish the opportunity to formally thank our veteran patients. To thank a veteran patient, we honor them with a special ceremony in their home, which includes a certificate of appreciation and patriotic gift.

Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program

Sometimes, only a fellow veteran can truly understand the experiences and values of a veteran patient. Trained hospice volunteers who are veterans themselves are available to meet with veteran hospice patients. They may provide a respite break for a family caregiver or simply enjoy a time of reminiscence together.

We Honor Veterans

As part of our commitment to best serving veterans at the end of life, Willamette Vital Health has joined the national initiative started by the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and Veterans Affairs called We Honor Veterans. This program offers education and training to hospice agencies about the special needs of veterans receiving hospice and palliative care. Our level 4 partnership status indicates our dedication to providing education about veteran’s issues to our staff, volunteers, and community, as well as partnering with veteran organizations to provide the best care to our veteran patients.