Your local non-profit offering help for those facing serious illness and grief

Our Mission

We are a community owned, not-for-profit organization providing innovative, personalized, and compassionate care to patients and families facing serious illness.



A world where everyone facing serious illness, death, and grief has access to the best personalized and compassionate care.

Core Values


Caring, Teaching and Empowerment. We hold this as the heart of our mission.



Quality, Passion, and Expertise. We are committed to constantly improving our knowledge, skills, programs, and services.



Trust, Ethics and Accountability. With our words and actions, we do the right thing 100% of the time.



Diversity, Collaboration and Relationships. We promote an environment that honors our colleagues, partners, and those we serve.



Stewardship, Innovation and Philanthropy. We practice responsible resources management to provide for present and future needs.

Willamette Valley Hospice began in 1978 with a group of dedicated volunteers who saw the unmet needs of terminally ill patients and their families in the Willamette Valley.

Since that time, their name was changed to Willamette Vital Health to reflect the addition of palliative care services, grief support, the Tokarski Home, and numerous cutting-edge programs to benefit those facing serious and life-limiting illnesses. Willamette Vital Health has grown from an agency caring for nine patients to over 1,350 hospice patients each year.

Community is important to us. We live and work in the communities we serve and are dedicated to providing services and community support to all. We believe hospice care and grief support should be available to everyone and we provide services to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Board of Directors

Willamette Vital Health is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers as our board of directors.

Andrew Bone

"Having options about how to spend our days at the end of life is an important part of building community.  I serve on WVH's Board as a way to maintain and enrich this option."

Chad Campbell

"Most of us have experienced end-of-life situations with loved ones. Mine have led me to serving WVH, whose mission and staff I wholeheartedly believe in. I consider this a joy and a privilege."

Michael Cherry

"I serve on WVH's Board because I want to help make a difference in people’s lives and be of service. What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of such meaningful work."

Rick Cook, M.D.

"Working as a hospice physician, I developed a respect for both the holistic concept of interdisciplinary care for life-limiting illness, and the exceptional professionals and volunteers at WVH who make it work. I serve on the board hoping to contribute to the continued success of this community-based nonprofit."

Scott Gallant

"I believe everyone deserves quality and compassionate hospice and palliative care at the end of their lives. Hospice has touched me and my family in our time of need. We all should have that option."

Naomi Hormann

"I am grateful for the opportunity to serve WVH and our community. I have witnessed first-hand the care and respect our patients and their families receive. I believe giving back to the community is a must in our lives."

Wayne Kinkade

"I believe in WVH's mission to change the end of life experience for families in our community.  It is my pleasure to serve alongside our amazing staff and volunteers."

John Moody

"I choose to serve on WVH's Board because I  believe the end of life journey is a most sacred time in a person’s life.  I find joy in offering my service to an agency whose primary objective is to serve and support  individuals, families and our community though this journey."

Betty O'Brien

"WVH nurses and staff provided caring and professional services to my husband and me during his final weeks.  As a Board member, I seek to ensure those services are available to ease everyone’s end-of-life experience."

Gail Kelch Steck

"I find it a true privilege, as a member of the community,  to serve on this Board, working to find creative ways to support this dedicated  staff as they work so diligently for patients and their families dealing with chronic illness and the end of life journey."

Mark Bidwell

"I believe in the mission of the Hospice movement. While we celebrate the arrival of births (as we should), so ought we cherish and celebrate those whose time is drawing short. The care provided to individuals and their family members by Willamette Valley Hospice during the dying and grieving process is an important aspect of life. I’m grateful to serve on the board in order to help further these services to our community."

Julie Huckestein

"I joined the WVH board because I believe in its mission. I’ve had family and close friends who were terminally ill and saw how the caring of loved ones at end of life took a toll on the family caregivers. Hospice provided a caring and compassionate support to the caregiver who needed to feel less alone and to the loved one who was facing loss of life."

Carolyn Van Otten

"I hope to contribute to the health and longevity of this caring and creative community treasure."

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