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You can make an impact on and enduring difference in the lives of our patients and families through our safe online donation form.

Please donate today

During these trying days in the life of a community member, loved one, or relative, your gift will bring them comfort. Your gift of any amount makes a difference by supporting many of the following unique Hospice Plus programs and services they will receive: Bereavement Community Services for Children and Adults including Camp Mighty Oaks, Music Therapy, Tokarski Home, Pet and Massage therapies, and Pet Peace of Mind Program that cares for hospice patients' pets.

Monthly Gift

For $5 per month or more, you can make a difference throughout the year for our hospice patients and families by becoming a monthly sustainer of one of our giving circles:

Circle of Caring members receive monthly updates on programs you support, like massage therapy, community bereavement, pet therapy, and community education.

Music Patron Circle members receive a Musical Postcard recorded by our music therapists, in addition to their monthly updates. Your gift will offer monthly support to our Music Therapy and Community Grief Care programs, to not only provide comfort to hospice patients & their families, but also to the community.

As a member of one of our giving circles, your monthly gift provides an easy & convenient way for you to make charitable gifts throughout the year through your bank account, or credit card. You will receive just one tax receipt a year. And you may stop or change your donation amount at any time.

Please contact Theresa Hart at or 503.588.3600 for more information.

One Time Gift

Making a gift even more special by donating in Memory or in Honor of a friend or loved one is very special way to celebrate and remember their life. As a qualified 501c3 charitable organization, we can also accept gifts directly from your IRA or other investments that will reduce your tax liability. Make a donation to our Dave Moss Endowment Fund to ensure the future care of hospice patients and their families. For information on how you can make an impact with a gift, contact Theresa Hart at or 503.588.3600.

Make a Gift

Leave a legacy for your loved ones & your cause

What are the benefits of making YOUR plan? While it’s impossible to know or control what happens in the future, you can feel security about achieving your ultimate goals by making a plan and providing for you and your family, while leaving a legacy with your favorite charity. Gift large and small make a difference. Click here to learn more or to request a complimentary Wills Guide. If you have further questions about creating a legacy by leaving a planned gift at Willamette Vital Health, please contact Theresa Hart at or 503.588.3600.

CDs by Music Therapy Team Now Available

These CDs are unique works of art performed by Willamette Vital Health music therapists. Songs include original works from the music therapists themselves, as well as songs written and co-written by hospice patients and their families.

CDs are $15.00 and available to order online or by contacting staff Judith at 503.588.3600 or They are also available for download at Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes.

"In all my dealings with WVH over the years, I have NEVER encountered an individual who was cross or short with me, nor any family member when I was present. Perhaps, to you this is commonplace, but to me it is extraordinary. Your people are your mission statement. Few businesses or non-profits can make that boast."

– Pastor Tom Fox