11th Annual

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 1:00-4:00 pm
Minto Brown Island Park in Salem

Thank you for supporting pets and people through Willamette Vital Health. The 11th annual Walk-n-Wag was great fun, and we met our goal of raising $22,000! The event benefits WVH's Pet Peace of Mind®  program, and Grief Care Outreach and Expansion Project. Please continue to support and patronize these wonderful groups that had booths in our Vendor Village:

Non-profit and Civic Partners:
Operation D.O.G.
Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue
4 All Muttkind
Project POOCH with R&K Sanctuary for Dogs
Salem Health Volunteers
Coalition Advocating for Animals
City of Salem Clean Streams Initiative
Match Made in Heaven
Little Critters Rescue
Paws for Love
Canine Corps of Center 50+

The Savvy Dog Ranch
Hartley Barkley's Goodies
System of a Dog
Ankeny Hill Resort & Boarding
Nature's Pet Market in Salem
Chez Alishon Mediterranean Bistro
The Pop Stop
Vetama South Salem Mobile Veterinarian
VCA Animal Hospitals
NosesTailsPaws Pet Photography took pictures of 39 dogs this year - lots of great candidates for next year's poster dog. Come back to this website or @WillametteVitalHealth on Facebook to vote during March of 2024.

®Registered trademark Pet Peace of Mind, Inc.

Good dog!

So. Much. Fun!     Dog activities
Cute faces
Agility Equipment to try out
Best friends
photo credits: Eric Schuman

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