Student Volunteer Program

For College Students

We welcome college students to volunteer their time and talents in one of the many areas of volunteering at Willamette Valley Hospice. Often, college students can receive credit for the time they volunteer. We are happy to work with your college or university to help you receive credits for your volunteer experience. Many students have found that supplementing their academic coursework with experiential learning at Willamette Valley Hospice enhanced their college experience. It’s a great way to explore the field of hospice or healthcare, as well.

For Middle & High School Students

Willamette Valley Hospice offers several opportunities for youth to volunteer in their community in a meaningful way. Youth ages 12-15 can assist in the office with a variety of tasks. Youth 16 and over may perform the same volunteer tasks as adults, including visiting patients, if they wish. Many middle and high school students have used their volunteer time at Willamette Valley Hospice to meet community learning service hours that their schools require.

For more information on volunteering as a student, contact a volunteer coordinator at 503.588.3600 or e-mail the Volunteer Services department.