What are your wishes?

Would you prefer to be at home at the end of your life?

Do you want medical technology to keep you alive?

Who should make medical decisions for you if you are unable?

Many people haven’t thought about questions like these and wind up being unprepared when they learn they have a serious illness. Even worse, they leave family members wondering what to do if a loved one is unable to communicate.

It’s important to document your wishes, to complete your advance directive, and share them with people close to you BEFORE a crisis arises. This can make all the difference in having the best possible end-of-life experience for yourself, and those who love you.

Willamette Valley Hospice has all the tools you need.

Not sure how to start thinking about this? Ask yourself, “How do I define quality of life?” There is no right answer, only your answer.

So, what really is important to you?

Planning ahead also means thinking about the wishes you have after your life ends. Estate planning tools and more can be found at wvhlegacy.org.