Caring for a Loved One

If you’re caring for someone with a serious illness, we appreciate the responsibilities you now shoulder. We’re here to help.

We understand the many ways having a loved one with a serious illness is impacting your life. We know the questions and worries you may have.

It’s why we offer our educational website,

Whether you need tips on handling the medical and physical aspects of care (e.g., pain management, nutrition and eating), are concerned about emotional or spiritual issues (e.g., grief, hope, family conflict) or simply want to know about important legal and financial decisions, you’ll find answers here.

Caring for an ailing family member can be one of a family’s most fulfilling, meaningful and intimate experiences. With our experienced support, families learn to live fully now while preparing for tomorrow – enhancing the quality of every moment you have left together.

Remember, you are not in this alone. Contact us to speak with someone about any of the information presented here.

Holly shares how Willamette Valley Hospice helped her mom have the end-of-life experience she wanted.