If you’re caring for someone with a serious illness, we appreciate the responsibilities you now shoulder. We’re here to help.

We understand the many ways having a loved one with a serious illness is impacting your life. We know the questions and worries you may have.

It’s why we offer our educational website, seriousillness.org/salem.

Whether you need tips on handling the medical and physical aspects of care (e.g., pain management, nutrition and eating), are concerned about emotional or spiritual issues (e.g., grief, hope, family conflict) or simply want to know about important legal and financial decisions, you’ll find answers here.

Caring for an ailing family member can be one of a family’s most fulfilling, meaningful and intimate experiences. With our experienced support, families learn to live fully now while preparing for tomorrow – enhancing the quality of every moment you have left together.

Remember, you are not in this alone. Contact us to speak with someone about any of the information presented here.

Physical/medical concerns

“When my husband, Lee, first got sick, I didn’t know what to do or how to keep him comfortable and out of pain. But once I got some help and learned a few techniques, my children and I were able to take good care of him.”

– May, Lee’s wife

Through May’s experience, you can discover the many resources available to you through Willamette Valley Hospice and the benefits to both you and your entire family.

Emotional and spiritual issues

“We all know we’re going to pass some day, but we don’t like to think about it. A diagnosis like this, though, suddenly makes it real. I’ve found that it’s changed the way I feel about myself, my family, my place in the world. I’ve had to rethink what it all means.”

– Luis, reflecting on the impact of his life-limiting diagnosis

When you read Luis’ story, you quickly understand how coming face-to-face with your mortality becomes more than a physical concern. Questions about your life’s purpose, and the legacy being left behind, play a pivotal role during life’s final chapter.

Willamette Valley Hospice has the experience to help you navigate these profound, personal moments to help you bring peace, comfort and closure to your loved one.

Legal and financial decisions

“It’s so hard to make decisions for others. We were lucky that my father, Richard, talked to us and put his wishes down on paper. When the time came, we knew exactly what he wanted. We were spared all the doubts my friends have gone through. Daddy really took care of us by planning ahead.”

– Norene, Richard’s daughter

Unfortunately, the story Norene shares about her father’s meticulous planning is too often an exception and not the rule. Follow the links in her story to find important resources on how to document the healthcare wishes of loved ones in your life.

We know these can be uncomfortable conversations, and we’ve provided some tips to help. Just know having these conversations, and making these decisions, will provide invaluable relief and guidance when time becomes limited.